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Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in Hardware Articles |

What is the “bottleneck” in a PC?

It is a term we hear regularly from expert users and the less so, however, some may have missed the meeting where they agreed to establish what the “bottleneck” that in relation to its use around the area of the PC

Basically, talk bottleneck is a symptom of having a team of balance, ie with a component that does not perform on par with the accompanying hardware, limiting performance of the machine in general. This phenomenon is more on desktops, especially those armed by hand by someone who did not choose either party.

With an example, we can say that there bottleneck when we have a platform with NVIDIA GTX 680 and Pentium G620: in this case, the VGA will not be able to pay all that apply because the CPU is not accompanied, ie, capable of processing is not enough information to allow the passage of all the flow that can generate the GTX 680. That limitation on the road, which is narrower than what is required is that it speaks of “bottleneck”

Graphically, we can see the phenomenon if we establish that the NVIDIA VGA is what generates high traffic information, and is hampered by the narrow path that allows the Celeron:

So we see that the end result is the passage of two arrows, with the GTX 680 can generate four. It’s like using a Ferrari with poor tires.

Now, what is the problem in this situation? As you might imagine, the worst part is that we lose money. Because if we set the wrong computer and buy a good video card, but put on a par with a bad processor, we will have thrown away what we spend on graphics, because we limit the performance of the lowest component, which is the CPU.

Note that the example of the CPU with the graphics is just one among many, because the phenomenon is a general concept that can be repeated with all kinds of components: bad RAM, power source that provides insufficient or poor quality and so on.

This also applies in situations when we require the computer tasks that test all the field, that is, when everything is 100%, such as 3D gaming. However, when running for something specific, for example, software for processing audio or video, use only the CPU and RAM, so having indecent graphics does not matter: the total load carried by the other components and the presence of a GPU not be at the height does not matter, since in specific tasks, however the chip would be at rest.

But this applies only to the case of the CPU and graphics, so if you are a type of user that requires your PC in several scenarios, better play it safe and build a machine balanced, avoiding bottlenecks and looking at good choices individual PC components as it is better to spend your money on parts that are partners to each other, to save buying poor quality parts to purchase a single high performance, which anyway will not raise the performance of the machine in general, the product of the bottleneck.

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