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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Hardware Articles |

What we expect from AMD for 2013

What we expect from AMD for 2013

As technology lovers that we are, we are sure that 99.9999999% of our readers are convinced that today will not end the world (as cited many baseless theories about the end of the world), but a large percentage of them would today was the end of the world for AMD, loved and hated at the same intensity, and that like our world, throughout its history has been chased by countless theories about its end (hearing it come from times when I I started in the world of several years ago), which like the Maya theory suggests that today our end, unfulfilled continue for who knows how long.

Leaving aside the baseless theories, we will begin a series of articles (perhaps with some basis) detailing products that we will be released next year by leading technology companies. We begin with a brief description of the products we expect from for next year.

Microprocessors (CPUs / APUs) high performance

AMD earned many detractors with the launch of its modular architecture, released the controversial Bulldozer micro-architecture, but this year showed signs of improvement with the new Piledriver micro-architecture, which improves the yield per cycle of CPUs / APUs based in it (AMD fx CPUs second “Vishera” and APUs AMD A second-generation “Trinity”), but much higher grade improvements are expected in the new micro-architecture Steamroller, which will be based in the new FX CPUs A third-generation and third-generation APUs “Kaveri”.

The new micro-architecture Steamroller is capable of decoding twice Piledriver instructions per cycle (4 decoder dedicated channels for each ALU module), so that CPUs are expected based APUs and having an efficiency per cycle to less than 30% of its current microprocessors, for what will undoubtedly become the most anticipated products of AMD for 2013 (July to December).

Microprocessors (APUs) low power

While Steamroller capture the interest of most users, others expect more eagerly to Temash and Kabini , the new based microarchitecture Jaguar directed the market and economic ultrathins, replacing the popular micro-architecture sick Bobcat.

promises cycle performance by at least 20% higher than current Brazos APU and Hondo based on Bobcat micro-architecture, and it provides up to 4 cores (Brazos and Hondo are available in versions with up to 2 cores), so expected overall performance improvements significantly higher (three times the performance of Brazos). No doubt they were expecting when many users eager to own a Tablet based on x86.

Are expected to APU and make their appearance in early 2013 (January to June).

Graphics processors (GPUs and IGPs)

This year AMD released which can be considered the most complete graphics architecture launched in its history: Graphics Core Next “GCN” architecture that is based on their current HD 7000 Series GPUs and FirePro W / S Series, so expectations for its new GPUs based on its new Graphics Core Next architecture 2 “GCN2″ are quite high. AMD officially announced a few days ago their new GPUs Radeon HD 8000M Series , its first GCN2 GPUs based on architecture that the limited data that AMD has given us, give a call it “performance per shader” top 15% (or greater) than its predecessor (GCN).

GCN2 is the basis of the new AMD GPUs and APUs in all ranges and are available in configurations with shaders for their igp 64/128/192/256/384 (APUs) and 384/640 and more for your dedicated GPUs, configurations through increased efficiency and performance of its new architecture, obtained based on improvements to the graphics pipeline and its new controller; improvements that will make these new GPUs one of the most attractive options of 2013 (January to June) .

(Northbridge / Southbridge / “Fusion Controller Hub”)

If there is something to be grateful for AMD chipsets, is that they all allow almost unrestricted overclock both in their economic models as in the high-end, but by 2013 many hope of future AMD chipsets support the PCI Express 3.0 (PCIe 3.0) specification used by current video card (Radeon HD 7000 Series and GeForce 600 Series), and that while so far has not shown any advantage over PCIe 2.0, is undoubtedly preferable have it, for what many hope that 2013 is the year when AMD launches its first PCIe 3.0 chipsets, which may end up being referred AMD 1090FX/1090X/1070 and A95X.

AMD in 2013

As described in the previous lines, CPUs, APUs, GPUs and IGPs from AMD for 2013, continue to be the products which shall have the user preferences, but AMD also offers other interesting products as their SeaMicro servers and modules AMD Memory Memory, for next year we also expect SSD AMD Radeon and AMD who knows if some other surprises us with new product not listed in this article.

We hope you have enjoyed this article, and while preparing the second of this series with Intel as its protagonist, we invite you to comment on what they expect from AMD for 2013.

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