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Posted by on Dec 22, 2012 in Featured, Hardware Articles |

What we expect from Intel for 2013

What we expect from Intel for 2013

The world did not end yesterday does anyone doubt it? After speculation about what we expect from AMD for 2013 , this time we will focus on the products that we will be launched by over the next year (2013).

Intel is one of the largest technology companies in the industry, so their products are of the preference of many users, the preference has been to be the best known manufacturers of microprocessors, the privileged position filled with enough confidence to give us every year by developed many details of its future products, which somehow leaves us with very little room to speculate on Intel products, but we will anyway.

Microprocessors (CPUs) high performance

Microprocessors third Generation Intel core “Ivy Bridge” meant no improvement expected by users of the old but successful second-generation Core “Sandy Bridge”, giving a yield per cycle only between 5-6% higher than the latter; so that expectations about the fourth-generation Core microprocessors “Haswell” are quite high.

The Intel microprocessors based on the Haswell debut new socket (LGA 1150, LGA 2011 + desktop computers and new contacts PGA and BGA in versions for laptops) and promise a yield per cycle 10% higher than current microprocessors Ivy Bridge , as well as new instruction sets AVX 2.0 , improvements that make it one of the most anticipated products of Intel for next year.

In 2013 also make their appearance Haswell-ULT/ULX SoC, SoCs originally focused on Ultrabooks, but that next year also assail the desktop market, offering a highly integrated option and is said to lower prices. We hope these new become a great alternative for users seeking solutions nontraditional formats Mini-ITX but offering lower power and higher temperatures than today.

Microprocessors (CPUs) low power

If AMD have their high performance microprocessors are surrounded by controversy, while its low-power microprocessors have proved very popular, with Intel we have an otherwise where their high performance CPUs are popular while their CPUs low power “Atom” are criticized for the obsolescence of its which uses the execution model in order (in-order execution), model abandoned since the launch of the Pentium Pro CPUs in 1995, which released the execution outside command used by most existing microprocessors.

By 2013 many look forward to the premiere of the new micro-architecture Silvermont whose exponents are the first Atom SoC “Valleyview” , thanks to the support out of order execution are expected to have a yield per cycle at least 30% higher than current Atom, performance could end up being three times or more considering that there will be versions with up to four cores (the current possess up to two cores), besides having many improvements aimed at reducing consumption, and we hope to change the perspective of many of the brand in both Atom netbooks as tablets and smartphones.

Graphics processors (IGPs)

Traditionally Intel igp have failed to capture the preferences of users, although they have improved greatly in recent years, but Intel promises that its new graphics architecture modular third generation, known by its code name Denlow , get conquer preferences of its users and bet everything for her, because it will be present in both the IGP of high-performance microprocessors, such as in low power.

promises better performance, especially compatibility with extensive graphics applications and games, finally becoming an option to consider graphic and adaptable to the demands of most users, and we expect that Intel integrated graphics, 2013 finally become an option to consider.

For some years we also expect a dedicated GPU manufactured by Intel, but apparently still have to wait a little longer for him, because Intel is still no evidence that Intel is preparing one, and perhaps the success or failure of Denlow determine if Intel continuous or future development of a dedicated GPU.

(PCH Platform Controller Hub)

The current Intel chipsets feature we want to have as much Did they could ask for more? For if there is something that many wish by Intel, are economic chipsets that allow for overclocking, currently feature only limited to expensive chipsets P67, Z68, Z75, Z77 and X79, which will be partially unlocked rumored for future Intel chipsets 8 Series “Lynx Point” ; rumor that if it were to materialize, could make the Intel 8 Series, an improvement perhaps greater than that of their companions based on CPUs.

Intel in 2013

Intel hopes to capture the preferences of users with its full range of products based on its micro-architectures and Silvermont Haswell, but though they are your most anticipated products, Intel also offers other products as their SSD drives, their parallel accelerators (Xeon Phi) , chips LAN / WiFi, and others that continue to fuel with new models over the next year.

We hope you have enjoyed this second installment, and while we prepare the third installment dedicated to Nvidia, can comment on what they expect from Intel for 2013.

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