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Posted by on Dec 26, 2012 in Hardware Articles |

What we expect from Qualcomm for 2013

What we expect from Qualcomm for 2013

Qualcomm, known for its famous chips (SoC) Snapdragon, is one of the technology companies that have shown greatest achievements this year, the most notorious of his achievements have exceeded the market value at the Intel giant and have been consolidated as SoCs largest manufacturer in the industry with a market share of almost 50% ;-earned position, and that makes the company in which we expect the highest level of innovation among all ARM manufacturers.

Qualcomm is something conservative about giving information in advance of their future products, which in a way beneficial to an article of this type, giving us some freedom for speculation.

Chips (SoC)

In late 2011 Qualcomm revealed its architecture Krait architecture Scorpion successor architecture (based on Cortex-A9), and personalized by Qualcomm itself, focusing on improving performance per Watt of Cortex-A15, combined with own implementations, giving birth the successful family of SoC Qualcomm S4 Plus / Pro / Prime Series.

was established as the first implementation of the market based on Cortex-A15, much ahead of any of its closest competitors (just a few months ago that rivals like Samsung have launched their first Cortex-A15 SoC “Exynos 5″ while others launch its Cortex-A15 SoC next year), and offering some features and performance than any of his rivals was able to overcome until almost a year later, time advantage that enabled Qualcomm ARM over the market and achieve its privileged position.

Now that his opponents are ready to launch their new Cortex-A15 SoC, we believe that Qualcomm should be ready to announce its new trump card for 2013, the successor to Krait architecture, which is probably based on Cortex-A15 and Cortex- A57, combined with proprietary implementations developed based on experience gained in all these months had overwhelming advantage over its rivals, so we are pretty sure that this new architecture achieved again outdo their rivals.

Krait’s successor, which will probably be released in the future SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon S5 Series, is undoubtedly the most anticipated product of 2013 by users of smartphones, tablets and smartbooks (tablet convertible notebook).

Graphics processors (GPUs)

Qualcomm GPUs born after Qualcomm acquired graphical division of AMD Imageon portable devices (graphics focused SoCs) back in 2008 (Radeon Adreno = anagram), making it the ideal companion to its Snapdragon CPU, and that have evolved from their original non-unified shader architecture of current graphics architectures towards unified, adapting to meet the increasing demands of the market charts, and becoming the dominant graphics solution in the ARM ecosystem .

By 2013 we expect the launch of Qualcomm Adreno 400 Series GPUs, the successors of the current Adreno 300 Series (305/320), which will offer enhanced graphics and support for the latest graphics standards and GPU-accelerated computation of the industry , and we hope to rival the performance promised by PowerVR GPUs Series 6 “Rogue” from Imagination Technologies.

Connectivity Chips (LAN/WiFi/3G/3G + / 4G/LTE)

This year the division of Qualcomm network won supremacy in performance in LAN and WiFi networks with its flagship product, network adapters Qualcomm Killer, and then improve their offer with new and more powerful chips and WiFi LAN ( DoubleShot Killer ), on the other hand, the division of Qualcomm modems 3G/4G/LTE has proved a very popular solution among handset manufacturers, and come standard on some integrated SoC Snapdragon S4 Plus / Pro / Prime a big plus Please for them. Do not expect much improvement in this area.

Qualcomm 2013

The Snapdragon SoC products will continue to be more demand for Qualcomm, and is expected to maintain its presence in the rest of its divisions Atheros connectivity (Killer, Hy-Fi, Izzat, ETHOS, etc). No doubt that Qualcomm pleasantly surprise us this 2013.

What to expect from Qualcomm for 2013?

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