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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Hardware Articles |

What you need to know to buy a PC for: Software Development

This need to know to buy a PC for: Software Development

Matti Piiroinen – Flickr (CC)

While some take the pc to do basic things , serve media or straight play , some more serious work done on their computers. software is more demanding in terms of brute force and space, requiring greater reliability and stability when testing things. It is like a laboratory in a box.

Why people would this computer? For development we understand from creating sites and applications, to mid-rise building software for other desktops as multiple mobile devices – something that is fashion today. Our eyes will see much of the time lines of code and endless lists of files and running several programs simultaneously.

Go for the equation Aptana Studio, Zend Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans, or even Microsoft’s own Visual Studio and Dreamweaver. Others with more knowledge will be glued on Linux and the many programs that exist to create applications, such as the Android SDK. A middling computer takes a while to cook a version of Android for a device, and what we want is to be waiting for it to finish or leave downtime. Others with multiple VMs are doing different tasks for multiple reasons.

This need to know to buy a PC for: Software Development image 2

Alison Chaiken – Flickr (CC)

With the above, we also have a small screen and a keyboard unfriendly hands. Today you can make good use of two or three screens simultaneously, especially when we are running multiple things at once. With all this, we have more or less the team we want profile:

  • A lot of brute force to collect and process data.
  • That supports many large programs simultaneously.
  • Comfortable in the visual and tactile.

Does not sound like much equipment, but of course, everything depends on the budget.

Good processor

Perhaps in some development applications, especially web, a dual core processor with “enough” computing power should be enough because there is a fundamental, but in others where there is often compile or be constamente requiring more brute force to calculate things , this is important.

Ideally something with more cores given the high parallelism that can achieve certain tasks. Yes, the parallelism in some applications is becoming a must nowadays, not like before where a fast dual-core processor could outrun any similar offering. Nor should we ignore the possibility of having a processor overclocked to the maximum if you meet the 5 reasons to overclock .

Multiple screens or larger

Multiple screens, or large, will be especially welcome for application developers, or those “one-armed man” – very common in the market for freelancers. With so much space to fill in the code view and preview, people performing applications can have the skeleton of your program on a monitor and the result in the other, avoiding constant changes that eventually applications are bothersome. Obviously, the bigger the better, since it does not have to focus on small print and too straining sight.

This need to know to buy a PC for: Software Development image 3

ginnerobot – Flickr (CC)

It is also possible to consider only a large monitor, but with the price of LCD monitors should be relatively affordable to get two good resolution. The last thing we do there will be a good play or color calibration, our requirements will not increase costs.

Lots of RAM

Development programs tend to need between sick and well, and is something to consider if the project size is huge and there are several related programs. For example, the classic case: Dreamweaver (or similar) open with five different browsers to display how renderea code. Not to mention all the other programs in the background that may have, such as Photoshop or Fireworks.

Therefore, having more available to be populated is ideal. Much better considering that Windows x86-64 – so-called “64-bit” – it’s a stable platform and has no problems to support systems with more than 4GB. But perhaps others overlooked this option to focus on improving the display device that will most of the time to write.

What about the keyboard?

Here we enter a field of taste. I’ve had hundreds of keyboards over my hands, from those classics of the ’90s tended to soaring keys to the ultimate Apple jewelry. If it’s comfort, my recommendation would be a keyboard like Apple but not necessarily keypad and wireless. Okay, not at all cheap, so will be pleased that the Genius SlimStar i220 does not charge a pretty penny and is fairly close. There is also the option of getting more classic versions, or similar if you do not like the brand or design.

This need to know to buy a PC for: Software Development image 4

Genius SlimStar i220 has the keys very “Mac style” but do not feel the same.

If you want something comfortable for fingers, elements used almost all the time, I say from now do not think of things under $ 20, good for that price are few and the rest is about notes above.

In summary

The important thing: Display.

Consider: Good processor, memory, keyboard.

A fourth thing to consider by many to be the hard drive. While some development activities tend to not take up much storage space, such as web applications, others that focus software straight to have multiple files, multiple versions and multiple copies of them. Have you not seen that big 500GB disk?

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