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When considered internet to measure television ratings?

When considered internet to measure television ratings?

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As expected, most people kept online before television the ‘seven minutes of terror’ of Curiosity landing on Mars , where now appeared a new video showing releasing its heat shield after entering the atmosphere, with numbers that far exceed the broadcasts of major news networks in the U.S. cable.

Channels like CNN had 426,000 viewers to follow the landing of the rover, MSNBC had 365,000 viewers to Fox News and an audience of 803,000 people. These figures added together do not reach even half of the people who watched the operation through the broadcast live on Ustream, where the company spokesman Tony Riggins reported that about 3.2 million people watched the event on the canals streaming video from NASA as HDTV , JPL , and JPL 2 (figures do not even consider those who followed the broadcast on YouTube or other online media).

This, together with that also the 2012 London Olympics are tracked through internet rather than on television , begs the question: Why is not taken into account in rating television broadcasts online?

The company’s most important measurement in the U.S. television ratings, Nielsen Media Research , whose figures are able to cancel shows like Firefly and keep in the air for years to Jersey Shore , just is designing ways to integrate the Internet with ratings traditional measures of television ratings.

Perhaps when you are operating large chains include the massiveness of online audiences, which are now completely ignored and make programs like Community are permanently on the verge of being canceled because of low ratings as it is considered the television show more Internet popular . “We are a winning platform, the problem is that the Nielsen system is not designed to measure this yet,” said the former executive producer of Dan Harmon .

Who knows what would be the ‘true’ television rating of seven minutes of terror if he had taken into account people who followed the event on Ustream or YouTube.

What still shows online so without resorting to the twentieth century invention called television?

Link: Viewers opted for the Web to watch TV over Curiosity’s landing (CNET)

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