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Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in Internet |

White House confirms hack attempt against

White House confirms hack attempt against

(Cc) Tom Lohdan

The confirmed that he was the victim of a “cyber Attack attempt”, but said he had not suffered damages as a result thereof. According to the company, was affected unclassified network, the incident was isolated and no evidence has been stolen information.

According to the Washington Free Beacon , the attack was perpetrated by Chinese hackers targeting the military office of the White House, however, the agency did not address the source of the attacks.

The hacking attempt used the technique of “spear phishing”, where an attacker sends an email to a specific target, using common prayers hoping that the person receiving the email will click on a link or download an attachment to unleash malware. According to the White House, no classified information system was affected, no further attempts have been attacks on these networks.

Link: White House confirms cyberattack (Politico)

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