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Who killed Google Reader? The tablets and phones as Mountain View

Who killed Google Reader?  The tablets and phones as Mountain View

When announced that it would eliminate its service the first of July this year did not provide any detailed explanation about it beyond that had to do with “a drop of users,” so they decided to focus their efforts on less products.

Some claimed that the closure of Google was due to a move to avoid litigation of all kinds , and while Google is not showing any sign of repentance to end their RSS reader, at least we are trying to explain a little better to be one of the most unpopular decisions in Internet the last time. At the end of the day, arguments have. They would not have taken such a decision only to annoy the netizens.

In an interview with Wired , the social product manager for Google News, Richard Gingras, basically explained that it was because now most people consume their news differently Reader to when it was released in 2005.

“As a culture we headed to a world where news consumption is practically constant process. Users with smartphones and tablets are consuming news ‘in bits and bites (small bites)’ during the course of the day, replacing the standard behavior consume news at breakfast and then enjoy a reading at the end of the day, “said Gingras.

For the people of Mountain View, an RSS reader like Google Reader due to this old model where you go instalabas to the daily news link after link in a rather passive. With this, the company wants its readers gain a more proactive way to consume news, focusing on real-time information via Google Now and Google Plus .

What do you think? Was it good Google’s move to encourage the use of applications that promise real-time information?

Link: Why Google Reader Really Got the Axe (Wired)

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