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Why everyone wants to pair Nokia?

Why everyone wants to pair Nokia?

Last night he threw the big rumor that linked to the Finnish and China. The idea of ​​a possible takeover of Nokia by Huawei launched by Financial Times, quoting the words of the head of consumer business of the Chinese firm, in which he described the opportunity to buy Nokia as part of strategic acquisitions.

To be clear and to translate his words, Huawei wants to be stronger in the West, where although it has a certain power in their networking business, as it relates to consumers still have some bad image of company that cloned products, or even a brand that is known only by some 3G routers became very famous a few years ago.

Huawei does not take long to disprove the claims , which is not surprising.

Huawei is far from this image that many can do, but there is no doubt that recent releases like the Ascend P6 , are standing up to “big” as Apple, Samsung, LG or HTC.

With proper marketing campaign to get people to start to open up to this brand into a high-end Huawei can do very well, has excellent relations with one of the largest European operators, Telefonica, why not use them as means to disembark?

So, why everyone wants to pair with another brand like Nokia Huawei?

The facts are what they are, Nokia has spent several years in a massive restructuring that has led them to change completely. You just have to put aside the Nokia five years ago with the current Nokia and see that apart from being a Finnish company, the rest has changed.

Nokia laid off thousands of people , closed factory s worldwide, banished Symbian development, hired a Canadian CEO come from , adopted as the operating system only to use and got a huge Microsoft funding for product development Windows. All this in a couple of years.

Why everyone wants to pair Nokia? image 2

These changes have a positive side: the renewal of a company whose innovation was sudden stop to focus on Symbian when it was clear he could not compete with newer operating systems like Android or iOS. Nokia chose Windows Phone not that it was a difficult choice, with investment of $ 250 million from Microsoft and a new CEO whose previous job was at Microsoft, rather than a choice was impossible to pass in order to survive and compete.

A Nokia this election has cost much, much loss of users as a great fall in the price of its shares . The company loses money, but spend less money and slowly approaches the point at which you will see that its alliance with Microsoft was a great idea or a devastating choice.

Parallels with Palm

The history of Nokia has certain similarities with another that also live a few years ago, is the Palm .

Palm had an operating system called Palm OS that were used in the first true smartphones that ruled alongside some Windows Mobile devices, but failed to take flight when the first iPhone and Android appeared. His solution was to hire a new CEO, arrived from Apple, have one of the best designers of interfaces that exist, Matias Duarte ( now at Google ) and that’s how we first webOS and Palm Pre devices. Their phones were well made and the operating system had incredible power, but it just did not sell well. Apple’s traction was very strong and it seemed that Palm could not find much support from developers.

HP ended up buying Palm in what will be remembered as one of the worst acquisitions orchestrated by HP. All that potential away, a real shame.

And here we have Nokia, a company technically in trouble but he still has some bullets to spend, a company as strong as Huawei pockets with money to burn and a huge market that can collapse as European, American and Latin.

Nokia end up being bought by some other large company is not unreasonable, but it is highly unlikely, considering that Microsoft bet on Nokia to be the standard bearer in the development of the flagship Windows Phone. A Microsoft does not serve anything that restore the $ 250 million if literally runs out the only manufacturer to bet heavily on Windows Phone.

Why would anyone want to buy Nokia?

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The first thing is that if someone is willing to buy a Nokia, you should take care of a new investment to trace the company, this would be an expense other than the investment Microsoft has made in 2011. But at the strategic level, Nokia is unimportant.

We talk about a company that knows very well Europe and Latin America, where large numbers one marked in virtually all countries, knows the market, knows who to sell smartphones. But mostly, there is a lot of talent in Nokia.

Talent is hard to find, not only in developing and engineers, but especially in design. Nokia is one of the few companies to launch smartphones and you can not draw a resemblance to those of their competitors. The design of the Nokia Lumia 800 is a genius and the terminals that have followed as the Lumia 900 and 920 are examples of evolution.

But do not forget that Nokia has good engineers, both hardware and software. They are of the few who create unique applications for their devices that are really good and not advertising or created by third parties.

But having a European team comprising firsthand the needs of “the West” can get sucked into some great Asian brand to make a big investment, such as Nokia.

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