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Posted by on Jun 10, 2013 in Internet |

Why not trust Google, Apple or Facebook about his relationship with PRISM?

Why not trust Google, Apple or Facebook about his relationship with PRISM?

Last week we broke one of the major scandals that have experienced this year, height above information classified as secret as the cables leaked by WikiLeaks.

Edward Snowden was the analyst who leaked the information about the alleged eavesdropping on Americans and virtually anyone who uses a service based on EE. UU. At this time it is listed as a hero by people related to the civil rights movement in the U.S.. UU., By a traitor by the conservative wing of American politics immediately asks his extradition from Hong Kong.

The program affect firms such as AOL, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, YouTube (Google) or Skype (Microsoft) are giving information to organizations like the NSA or FBI.

Each of the aforementioned corporations quickly rushed to deny each report in The Guardian and Washington Post.

on his blog and signed by CEO Larry Page and the head of the legal department denied a convincing David Drummond, even in a post on Google+ or proprietary information of the Chief Software Architect of Google, Yonatan Zunger in another publication of Google+ . Yahoo! also has posted on his blog about PRISM , Mark Zuckerberg on behalf of has published a note on your wall and so any company mentioned in one of the tabs in the leaked presentation said they know nothing and that the information is completely false.

They know nothing. The information is false. Nobody So why believe them? What is the reason that many simply do not believe a word written by the heads of these companies?

It is a big blow to civil liberties

Do not forget that collaboration is being accused of for individuals to large companies that provide services to millions of users, who do nothing but cases related to the NSA or investigate, collect and categorize your data to use in against you in the future.

No that is to say that if you have not done anything wrong, “you have nothing to hide” because in the future, with you being falsely linked to a case to investigate these two security forces, your data will be used against you.

There is a “reasonable doubt”

It is perhaps the most obvious of all, the question that large companies spy on you or at least share your data you want to spy is there. We are by nature suspicious and when large companies handle our data every day and do not know exactly what to do with them.

Even if you are able to read your Terms of Service Agreement you use all day, not enough to be completely sure that your data is safe on a server under the protection of a company. Also, if the service you use is American and the agency wants that data is the same country, it is not uncommon that many think is “normal” to provide access, although otherwise stated.

It is clear that the presumption of innocence in cases like this does not exist, or there is virtually though most think otherwise. Since there is no easy way to say if the company has collaborated X and Company Y have not done, all that remains is to think the worst.

The reputation of the NSA

Why not trust Google, Apple or Facebook about his relationship with PRISM? image 2 Great espionage cases, thousands of conspiracy theories or just find out what it is one of the most secret organizations, U.S. government serves to make us suspicious.

Is the NSA, National Security Service that barely know what your mission and even knowing that, by its secrecy, will always think there is something to hide. But having the confidence that this program exists, confirmed by President Obama but say that is focused on information involved non-US people , not something that really calms and further confirms the reputation of the NSA in the private information does not exist.

We can not forget that they are spies, your job is to spy with or without the consent of large companies or individuals.

How a company gets a case?

Imagine that tomorrow comes some responsibility for one of these companies and confirm that it is true that NSA or FBI have had no discretion access data of millions of people, what would happen to that service or company?

The first are many demands on people, but even worse would be the reaction of the companies that are using the service of these companies (imagine a large company that uses Google Apps, for example). All followed by a mass exodus of users canceling the service or at least, removing your data.

This not only cost millions of dollars to these companies, but it also let them helpless to launch new products whose main function is the privacy. Nobody would believe the word of these companies, at least one short-term.

“Expect the worst”

Our opinion in large cases like this is always influenced by the mass. We are that stupid, by separate can have a independent thinking, but to create a large group and automatically our nature invites us to think like the majority to our social.

In this case it is simply easier to think of the worst because it is the possibility offered greater options for solutions. If a company like Yahoo is working with NSA or FBI can simply choose from sue, shut your services or simply do nothing, but because most think that the worst is over, although there are no conclusive evidence of this.

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