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Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Gadgets, Internet |

Wi-Fi Cameras Samsung at first sight

Wi-Fi Cameras Samsung at first sight

Usually when you have a new computer, either phone, HDTV, computer, whatever, you show a specific model and a number of features that are attractive point of this product. This time will focus more on the unique aspects that can make all its products.

The novelty of the new Samsung that come integrated with to upload your photos or videos to the immediately, but it is best not only limited to uploading to Facebook, you can also mail, you can store in the cloud of Skydrive from Microsoft and you can even operate the cameras remotely.

The Wi-Fi for each camera allows you to be on a local network and interact with other devices and Samsung to be online. The basic functions include uploading your image to Facebook, Picasa or YouTube videos, plus you can share whatever you want in the cloud SkyDrive you can get for free with your Hotmail or Livemail (up to 5GB).

If you have other products can do more. With a laptop for example, you can support your camera wirelessly. If you have a Samsung Smart TV, you can transfer images and videos directly to the TV camera, but what we believe is the most innovative feature is the power to remotely control your devices with a as the Galaxy Tab or a Phone as the Galaxy S II.

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Having previously downloaded special software from Google Play for your phone or tablet, you can connect via Wi-Fi to your camera and control the zoom, flash and other settings that you consider necessary, all while viewing the screen of your phone the same you are viewing the camera. The photo at its original size is stored in memory and can optionally keep a copy of that photo in 2MP size for your mobile.

The reason why Samsung chose to be Wi-Fi and 3G (or 4G) was the first for the cost so high that it would be for consumers to have mobile internet just for your camera. Second, because fortunately today there are hundreds of points of Wi-Fi near you: in the mall, in some parks, staying with friends in the restaurant in the hotel which makes it easier than you can connect to Internet.

Another option useless but curious is to create moving pictures like. Gif Do you remember the pictures in the newspapers in Harry Potter? Well, it is similar, except that in addition to everything you can edit the portion of the image you want to use.

Regular features of such facilities such as image stabilizer, noise reduction, templates for photos and shooting mode for low light conditions are present, but not given much importance because the company is almost mandatory inclusion in all models.

Along with the cameras there is a camera model that has similar functions. The QF20 that records 1080i video is also Wi-Fi and you can share your videos.

Wi-Fi Cameras Samsung at first sight image 3

By the time these options work with Samsung devices but is planned for later this year you can use your Apple products like the iPad and iPhone to interact with these cameras.

Do not forget to include models to see if you’re interested, these are: WB850F, WB150F, ST200F, DV300F and QF20 and are now available.

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