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Posted by on Jun 18, 2013 in Entertainment |

Wicked Paradise is the first erotic game for Rift Oculus

Wicked Paradise is the first erotic game for Rift Oculus

The is a device that is slowly gaining popularity in the field gamer thanks to its technical features that guarantee a return to the nineties, the decade in which virtual reality took a major role both in games and in movies .

After the announcement of this device some wondered how far they could get in their quest to take advantage. One is Jeroen Van den Bosch, CEO of who is working on the first game virtual reality erotic porn. Wicked Paradise is the next step of Sinful Robot, a project of virtual sexual encounters that was announced six months ago but was left in limbo as one of the investors decided to leave with all the money.

Wicked Paradise comes to meet the need for the players to go beyond, since according to Jeroen, hundreds of action games but surprisingly do not have a well designed foreplay. While there have been attempts in the past, none have been good enough to highlight.

Jeroen, who worked as head of animation in the game NFL Rivals for mobile devices, told Road to VR that Wicked Paradise is in preproduction. The team investigates different techniques for achieving immersion in the game, for it are investing a lot of resources so that the behavior of the characters feel real and end up warm to users.

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What kind of things you can do in the game? The online advertising they are using is something like “instead of watching a movie or book in which the main character has exciting sexual adventures, now you can be that character.” It’s like playing Leisure Suit Larry but instead of watching the screen, you’ll be in the game.

To show a little of what will be the animation, the developers have released a small demo (NSFW) that shows a naked woman dancing from the perspective afforded by Oculus Rift. According to Jeroen, Wicked Paradise will be delivered in chapters (similar to The Walking Dead), the first will be for heterosexual men but also plan to implement something for the LGBT community.

Link: Wicked Paradise (via Road To VR )

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