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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Internet |

Wife of former German president sues Google for search suggestions

Wife of former German president sues Google for search suggestions

Bettina Wulff, wife of former President of Christian Wulff, is suing to remove your in the search certain words she considered slanderous by German newspaper Süddeutschen Zeitung .

Currently, writing the name of Bettina Wulff in Google, the search suggestions show that the most repeated word includes “escort”, “Prostituierte” or “rotlicht” (red light in German, so that means), because There are many rumors in Germany that was his job before marriage, which she strongly denies.

The demand was made in the Regional Court of Hamburg, and a similarity to other demands that have been made in Europe against the form as French insurance company , which forced Google to remove judicially your search words considered inappropriate associate with the company as ‘thief’ or ‘con’. Or the French record companies demand to withdraw the suggestions ‘torrent’ or ‘rapidshare’ to Google when looking for the name of an artist.

This is another case of people who believe that if you Google search suggests terms, one can not distinguish them from real data, as demand in Japan by an anonymous because googlearse, the suggested search terms related crimes due name to a range between the plaintiff and a criminal.

Link: Former German first lady sues Google over ‘prostitute’ autocomplete suggestions (The Verge)

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