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Posted by on Jun 28, 2013 in Internet |

WikiLeaks Volunteer was a paid FBI informant

WikiLeaks Volunteer was a paid FBI informant

(C) Sigurdur Thordarson

Wired Magazine revealed on Thursday that a young Icelander Sigurdur called “Siggi” Thordarson (Ingi Sigurður Þórðarsson) was part of volunteer team was also a paid informant for the FBI.

Thordarson was involved for 18 months with the organization founded by Julian Assange, which is close enough to the inner circle of the group as to eventually be promoted to administrator group IRC channel, being in charge of caring for newly arrived volunteers and media communication.

In the course of a year, Thordarson says he was paid a total of about U.S. $ 5,000 in cash along three separate occasions in exchange for his cooperation with the investigation into WikiLeaks, which included being interrogated and deliver about 1TB of information in eight hard drives including logs of chats, videos, documents, images and other data related to WikiLeaks.

The young Icelandic – which has a reputation for being a liar and unreliable – ensures that revealed their actions because “it was only a matter of time until they discovered who he was.” For its part, WikiLeaks was aware of the existence of the informant , and said “it is very likely that the has used a combination of coercion and payments to pressure the young to cooperate.”

According to Thordarson, what motivated him to betray WikiLeaks was a combination of a growing distaste for the methods that the organization founded by Assange used to purchase your leaks, and – what would be the most likely – a fear of American justice system.

The young man gave as proof the image below, it would be the receipt that the FBI gave Thordarson to deliver information in the eight hard drives in March of 2012.

WikiLeaks Volunteer was a paid FBI informant image 2

Link: WikiLeaks volunteer was a paid informant for the FBI (Wired UK)

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