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Wikimedia Wikitravel demand to create their own travel wiki

Wikimedia Wikitravel demand to create their own travel wiki

Foundation decided to file a lawsuit against Internet Brands, owner of Wikitravel, which is supposed to hinder their plans to create its own site. The dispute between the two companies began because Wikimedia try to use some of articles are licensed under creative commons, and therefore, can be copied and used on other sites, provided that appropriate attribution is given.

Internet Brands is not happy with the idea – even though they established that the items were licensed as – and is trying to interfere with the plan.

“Internet Brands seems to be trying to thwart the creation of a new noncommercial wiki, in a misguided attempt to protect their site Wikitravel for profit,” said Kay Kelly, general counsel for Wikimedia to Skift .

Wikimedia “seeks a judicial declaration that it can continue its mission to create a travel without intimidation or interference by Internet Brands, whether directed to Wikimedia or against individual volunteers who do not have the financial means to defend themselves fairly,” the demand.

The foundation specifically mention volunteers because the Internet Brands August 28 filed a lawsuit against two Wikitravel volunteers who are working to turn the Wikimedia project. According to the company, Wikimedia volunteers and are working on a “civil conspiracy “.

Some days earlier, on August 23, the Wikimedia voted 540 in favor and 152 against the idea of creating a travel wiki. The proposal was submitted in April.

Wikimedia that the court seeks clarification and ensure that they are free to operate a travel site, and the authors, administrators, and others who contribute to the site are authorized to do so without fear of being harassed by Internet Brands.

Link: It’s Official: Wikipedia parent forges ahead with new travel wiki, Internet Brands sues for getting in the way (Skift)

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