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Posted by on Jul 10, 2012 in Internet |

Wikipedia self-censorship in Russia in protest against new law

Wikipedia self-censorship in Russia in protest against new law

Closed its page in for today to against a bill that aims to increase government control over the Internet. According to authorities, the idea is to attack child pornography and sites that promote drug use and suicide. But critics say it could be used to increase government on the Internet.

Wikipedia is among the critics, and on its cover censored the logo with a black box, adding the words “imagine a world without free knowledge”.

The law, which will be debated in Parliament tomorrow, “lead to the creation of a Russian analogue Great Firewall of China”, Wikipedia said in a statement. The idea is to create an official list of censored pages that ISPs have to block on a mandatory basis.

The Russian Justice Ministry and maintains a list of over 1,000 sites deemed “extremists” and ordered its closure. The new project has raised fears among users, many of which use the network to organize protests in the streets of Moscow, since it was announced that Vladimir Putin will return to the presidency.

The measure adopted by the Russian Wikipedia does echo the protest against the law SOUP on Wikipedia in English last year. The pressure of several websites did Congress finally reconsider its position before the law.

Wikipedia in Russian
Russian Wikipedia in overt protest internet censorship shutdown (The Guardian)

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