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Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in Hardware Articles | 1 comment

Will 2013 finally “Year of Linux”?

Long ago has been announcing the arrival of the “year of Linux”, with people constantly saying it will be when finally some distribution of the operating system to achieve off in terms of market share, probably motivated by something unprecedented or simply a change of consciousness in people, which leads them to opt for a free software platform, abandoning capitalism and enter the Age of Aquarius .

So far that has not happened, and we wait in our seats to be so, despite the constant promises of the people for the cause, who shout from the rooftops that can be done almost everything in and Windows, arguing OpenOffice over Office, KDE on Aero and a more efficient kernel, among many other examples of words exchanged during holy wars.

But the reality is that will now work quite well for most people, and apart from the problem of having to pay license or hack the system, there is no reason to leave that environment, if Windows 7 is stable, at least enough . And here we are not talking only about the ordinary user, but also the enthusiastic, that is, one who works with professional software, is dedicated to overclocking or gaming, who depend entirely on Microsoft.

So all is lost for Linux? We think not, and perhaps the year 2013 itself is Linux after all, as well as the virtues of the operating system could be on the planets around aligning to conspire in favor of the penguin.

The advent of video games

There are elements that make generations, a very successful recording artist, a clothing style imposed by a Hollywood star, and for the people loving the pixels, the output of iconic video game consoles. Perhaps this example may seem an exaggeration, but one of the biggest complaints made against Linux is the absence of strong that attract the attention of new users, who may be sick of Windows, but can not be changed because there is no platform to What fun there addition porno .

So, consider the ideal scenario for this problem: the company of PC games on the planet is to Linux. And surprise! Something like that happened. Because we do not know whether or not will launch Steam and the Source graphics engine for Linux , they really are the largest in the industry, however, maintain current sales platform’s most successful architects also be an engine that moves titles mass as Team Fortress 2, Portal and Half-Life saga.

and the game Left 4 Dead 2 will air as soon as late 2012 , although some do not like much , opening the door for a 2013 where the argument that “there are no games on Linux” will have less weight. But is the only planet that was aligned for Linux?

The factor of Windows 8

Windows Vista.

Just simply say that to understand what it is this paragraph. Because it says the dark and satanic myth that every operating system Microsoft’s good, then comes another bad, and this time, Windows 7 was good and will be the … you know.

There are several strong elements in the Ready To manufacure version or final list already and the launch scheduled for October 26 , point to a possible failure of Windows 8 in the consumer market and business area. First, because so far the company had given great importance to companies during the development of their product, but now were turned upside down to eight and went all to the general consumer niche, betting much of the innovations in the market for personal and portable devices such as tablets, for example, the user interface Metro … sorry, Modern UI .

Second, there is a 50% chance that people do not like Modern UI, starting with this poor grandpa who could not handle the graphical interface. Definitely a big risk, which can be a total success, with large crowds gathered in public squares dancing and celebrating breakdance adoption of the squares of in their lives, or a complete failure because of a paradigm change we had been using for decades, that we spoke to a desk, a mouse and a task bar with start menu ( one minute of silence ). We do not know what is more probable, but everyone will draw their own conclusions.

Now, inevitably return to the area of gaming. On the one hand, Microsoft is investing efforts in improving their graphics platform , which should help, however, the company will also push their own services for the sale of games and applications, closing the ecosystem, exercising control and affecting independent developers, as Valve. That’s why Gabe Newell, Valve co-founder, believes that ” Windows 8 is a disaster , “an opinion which joined Rob Pardo of Blizzard , another heavyweight in the industry, with Microsoft defending almost no argument about it.

With this in mind, given to believe that a failure of Windows 8 could not just leave disgruntled software developers, but also motivate transitions of their products to Linux and why not attract large numbers of users to the source platform opened.

Improvements in the drivers

We all know the virtues of Linux, its shortcomings and how these holes could be plugged in the future, if all goes well. But there is another big flaw that discourages users to change: problems with drivers. Some distributions work well and easy, however, never missing an opportunity when something is wrong, we have to google solutions to problems or the platform does not recognize any peripheral.

In this is being done strong work in the kernel, so while it increases in size, it also offers better compatibility. This is what can be done independently, however, there is always a dependence on hardware manufacturers to have better optimized drivers, and in some cases, certain companies like Nvidia shows restrictive with its source code , even causing the wrath of Linus Torvalds in the form of gestures irreproducible before ten at night.

But something happened, a light of hope was opened at the end of the tunnel and things seem to be improving. Because the development of Linux Valve showed that the Source graphics engine can run better on Linux than on Windows , all thanks to the virtues of the kernel and also to work on optimizing drivers AMD, and NVIDIA, although it is difficult to believe. And is that the advent of video games almost forces the graphics chip makers to improve their work on the platform, something which has not been as draconian and Intel, unlike what some may believe, is the most open of all because it has the only open source drivers.

With this in mind, 2013 definitely will be The Year of Linux?.

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1 Comment

  1. Nope.. still far out. But I’d say 2013 probably we’ll be seeing more substantial traction for Linux. To eke say 5% more off the total desktop/PC OS market share??? Not so much.

    I’ll tell you why. Nerd ego. Period. That’s all that’s been stopping desktop Linux from achieving the potential it has. Not money. Not lack of devs. Try imagining an army of Linux devs 10,000 strong globally (to compare to what MS have in house roughly the same?) but just so for like what 4 main source distros -> sub out some more down the branches and then some into the forks which literally translates into the hundreds. Stretch the best rough avg numbers into each you’ll get the picture.

    The general attitude(s) is “Oh no no no. Package manager x are WAY WAY BETTER than y” or “Remastersys sucks! Anything but that rules!” OR “If it’s not based on K.I.S.S principle (not the same K.I.S.S that you and I are familiar with trust me on that) then we won’t work on it”. The list goes on and on.

    It doesn’t matter if Android finally merged into the Linux kernel or if Valve has found religion via the Steam for Linux warcry against Win 8.

    So long as we lack the nerds’ collective balls to rally behind a greater objective; which is to out”Window” Win 8 in terms of delivering a mainstream YET signature innovative UX, only Ubuntu it seems that will stand to fight that fight.

    ..Oh and did I already mention that hardcore Linux purists prefers Debian over Ubuntu by hook or by crook?