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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Gadgets |

Will Google Nexus Q discontinued?

Will Google Nexus Q discontinued?

Four months ago, during the event I / O 2012 the company introduced the Nexus Q , a device for streaming and playback of multimedia content in the home, which went almost unnoticed among the many announcements that were made on that occasion , where the tablet 7 was the star, with Google Android 4.1 Glass and Jelly Bean as secondary characters.

And although reports indicate that the device was being sold relatively well, especially early in his career, it seems that Google decided to give the guillotine and discontinue the product because it does not appear anywhere in the official website of the company , not even on the list that the Nexus device family , while in the Google comes as unavailable for purchase, so there is no way to get hold of this gadget.

Course, does not mean it has definitely killed the definitive, however, is suspect Google’s move, knowing your market exit hardly a mistake, but a deliberate decision, so now the question is the why it.

Link: Nexus Q removed from Google’s Nexus landing page (Slashgear)

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