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Posted by on Jun 15, 2012 in Social Networks |

Will this be the Twitter account of my favorite footballer or are deceiving me?

Will this be the Twitter account of my favorite footballer or are deceiving me?

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It’s time for the Euro and the fans eagerly seek all possible information about their favorite teams and players. And the crooks, seize the moment … to attack with your malware! They do this through fake profiles to trick users into or Twitter and in particular the latter seems to be the social network of choice for spammers.

Why Twitter? For speed and ease at the time of sending plain text and upload photos. For some time we know that is the preferred means of not only the players, also singers , actors …

And when there is more danger? According to security firm Kaspersky, the date of a big game approaches, the excitement to learn more and as soon as possible causes users to be neglected.

Here we go with the advice you give from Kaspersky:

  • First they say that we look at the number of followers. It is normal for a player page has actual millions of users who follow him, what does not happen with a fake profile. They note for example that Ronaldo’s account on has more than 10 million followers and in his Facebook page can be viewed over 45 million “like”. But they also warn that the profile of the has one with 125,000 followers on Twitter, so in this case a high number of followers does not help us much.
  • Please note: The verification of accounts. To his fans are sure that the account belongs to who appears in the profile, many teams and players have their account verified. How do we know? Because next to the name of the account is a blue icon with a “tick” white inside.
  • Another way to be sure that this is a true profile in Twitter is to follow the links to this network and equipment that the players put on their official websites.
  • You have to be regulated in the name of the account. For example, as noted from Kaspersky, one named “Ronaldo000″ not going to be the official one. Nor does it mean that by entering it we will find or false information, may be the account of a fan. But we must be careful.
  • One more detail: The language used. If it is too abrupt, with tasteless jokes, etc.. the account is probably false. Normally, as is international stars, footballers tend to write in English.

The danger: malicious links, which can cause users to reach infected eight messages per second issue with links to malicious websites. So I recommend not to follow the tweets of suspicious or unknown users and consider the domains where these links which are not as common.

Well, we have some clue that helps us look good when we get pages and what twiteamos …

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