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Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 in Software |

Windows 8.1 will improve support for high resolution screens

Windows 8.1 will improve support for high resolution screens

Beyond full HD 1080p, some manufacturers are beginning to introduce models of laptops with resolutions simply brutal, as the Toshiba KIRAbook (2560 x 1440 pixels), the HP Envy 14 TouchSmart (3200 x 1800) and even the tablet Microsoft Surface Pro with Windows eight (1920 x 1080 in ten inches).

A result of this is that there has been a problem that has not had a solution: thumbnail view of certain elements on high product, which gives a larger space size at the expense of a smaller size than projected on the screen, which was partially arranged by partial scaling to 150% properly configuring the operating system.

But now, Microsoft promises that 8.1 will have support for high resolution panels, first of all support for extending scaling beyond the current maximum 150%, reaching 200% now. More importantly, the company will arrange to Windows Explorer and other applications themselves to display correctly in this kind of product, also helping out keyboard that appears too small, which will be fixed.

Apart from that, and as in OS X, software developers will be responsible for optimizing their programs to support high resolutions, with complying update their basic applications, operating system components and provide the tools for others to improve products.

Link: Windows 8.1 will finally add support Retina-like display (The Verge)

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