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Posted by on May 23, 2012 in Software |

Windows 8 boots so quickly that it leaves the user time to press F8

Windows 8 boots so quickly that it leaves the user time to press F8

A PC with 8 and an SSD can be started in less than 7 seconds, said Microsoft, posting a video showing the super-fast start (you can see below). The problem is this: there is no enough time to press F2 or F8 and enter BIOS menu this way.

The Program Manager of User Experience team at Microsoft, Chris Clark, said that users only have 200 milliseconds to press the button and stop the Windows startup, so we decided to implement a new solution. No, not that the start will be slower, but redesigned the way users access these menus.

created a menu of options in Windows, which will provide access to tools for coping, ways to access the settings and enable UEFI boot from different devices (eg USB) or to initiate different operating systems.

The menu will appear automatically when the PC is a problem to boot with Windows, and will also be accessible from the operating system in the advanced settings of the PC. Basically, you lose the option to enter the settings before entering the OS, but you can do when the OS is running.

This system will only work with newer PCs using BIOS UEFI , older devices will have fewer choices and keep the option of pressing a key to access the menu while the machine is started.

Link: Designing for PCs boot faster than ever That Before (Building Windows)

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