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Posted by on Jul 13, 2012 in Software |

Windows 8 could lower price enough about Windows 7

Windows 8 could lower price enough about Windows 7

Apparently, one of the big surprises associated with the launch of the new 8 will be its low price. Because according to reliable sources reported within the industry, would be changing strategy to sell your product, abandoning the idea of pointing directly to the consumer market.

The issue is that the company now version made available to all mortals who want it, which suggests that the format of boxes and a CD will be eliminated and give way to a more expeditious and inexpensive to distribute the software . This version will now be called System Builder Kit, how to sell Windows 8 that we must add the software update to Windows 8 from a previous version of the system, which will be worth $ 40.

For context, Windows 7 is currently sold in colorful boxes with a CD inside, to distribute to retail stores worldwide. On the other hand, there is the OEM version, ie it is intended for computer manufacturers preinstall on their notebooks and laptops are assembled, under brands such as Dell, HP, and many more.

It happens that the OEM version is significantly cheaper than general consumers: $300 versus $135 for the OEM, value close to that Windows 8 could reach the entire planet.

Link: Windows 8 Could Be cheapest yet, due to no retail option (Neowin)

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