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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Software |

Windows 8 has more than 35,000 apps in its store

Windows 8 has more than 35,000 apps in its store

for 8 exceeded the 35,000 apps available, according to tracking service MetroStore Scanner . What is striking is that in the last 35 days, the store added 14,557 new applications, indicating that new content is being added at a rate of 415 a day.

The shift has accelerated since November were adding on average 362 daily apps, so be happy with Microsoft.

Although the number of Applications does not ensure the quality of them, or that in the package are the most famous applications or often-used on other platforms, is good to have more variety. The figures also show that there is interest from to create for the platform. It is possible that with the arrival of new apps will also gradually improving quality.

If you keep the pace of 415 new apps per day, the store could reach 50,000 applications on February 1.

Link: Adding 415 daily apps, Windows 8 blows past the 35,000 app milestone (The Next Web)

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