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Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in Software |

Windows 8 is in far fewer PCs to Windows 7 for the same date

Windows 8 is in far fewer PCs to Windows 7 for the same date

It started in October, which means that just 25 days left for the worldwide launch of 8. On the same date in 2009, there were five times more computers with the beta installed that have installed the Preview Release of the new operating system, according to Net Applications.

According to analytics company, the reception for is apparently cold. The numbers correspond to the consultant who chose to install the versions “preview”, which gives a fairly honest when compared with official figures that appear after the launch, and that includes all computers come with Windows 8 pre- installed.

Only 0.33% of the computers that use Windows appeared using Windows 8 on Net Applications statistics for September. In late September 2009, Windows 7 appeared at 1.64% of the teams.

As it has done with its new operating system, offered two versions of Windows 7 beta pre-release, and made available prior to RTM developers, technicians and businesses.

This does not necessarily mean that Windows 8 will go to go wrong after launch. As the interface of Windows 8 seems to be more practical in touch screens, you may be waiting to be most appropriate devices to run it – but anyway that would mean slower uptake. Furthermore, Microsoft lowered the price to upgrade to Windows 8 to $40, in a promotion that ends in January 2013 and could boost sales.

Net Applications figures add up to a survey , where 53% of users of Windows 8 polled, said they preferred Windows 7.

Link: Poor pre-launch showing plagues Windows 8 (ComputerWorld)

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