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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Software |

Windows 8 versus Windows 8 RT: This is what you need to know

Windows 8 Windows 8 versus RT: This is what you need to know

We are 8 days of the official launch of 8, the next operating system from Microsoft, which will mean big changes from what we were accustomed to using since 1995 or so. Was also the first time Windows has two versions.

Unlike all Windows so far, created for PC, is also created for tablets. This is an issue that most likely confuse some. What if I want to buy a new computer? How do I know which type of Windows brings? What differentiates one from another? Here, RT details of Windows 8 and Windows 8.

Windows 8 RT

  • It is designed for computers using ARM architecture processors, ie, the chips used on most of the tablets. Thus, the tablets come cheaper Windows 8 will probably RT version installed.
  • By using another architecture, old Windows programs can no longer be used in this version. will in fact create a special version of Office 2013, for example, so you can run in this type of equipment, different from the “normal” version. Also, you can only install applications that are downloaded from the official store.
  • This version of Windows can not be bought or downloaded, but only just come preinstalled on devices. Thus, if you are interested in buying a Windows 8, it is worth checking what you’re going to use.
  • Microsoft marked its device Surface to launch the ” Surface RT “and” Surface Pro “, the first $499 with the version for tablets ARM Windows, and the second with the version for PCs with x86 chips, which goes on sale next year.

Windows 8

  • Is the version created for x86 chips, ie using normal PCs and notebooks (Intel or AMD). This version will come installed on touchscreen notebooks, hybrid and split into two other models in most cases higher performance. It is also where you can buy to install on your own PC now.
  • With this release, Microsoft entered into some problems in name as Windows 8 for x86 actually has three versions: “Windows 8″ plain would become what Windows 7 is known as “Home Basic”, “Windows 8 Pro “equivalent to the versions” professional “and” ultimate “previous operating system, and” Windows 8 Enterprise “Enterprise.
  • Unlike the RT version, this version of Windows 8 can run older programs, and also can install software that is not downloaded from the app store.
  • It brings Office preinstalled, as does RT version, but will come with Windows Media Player.
RT Windows Windows 8
Architecture ARM x86
Home screen and Live Tiles yes yes
Desk Partial yes
Third Party Applications Only “modern” Modern and traditional
Windows Store yes yes
Windows Media Player no yes
Office Special version of Office 2013 included yes it runs, but not included
Internet Explorer 10 yes yes
You admit keyboard and mouse? yes yes
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