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Posted by on Oct 28, 2012 in Hardware News |

Windows 8 vs Windows 7: Gaming Performance

Windows 8 vs Windows 7: Gaming Performance

A couple of months after the release of the RTM version of Windows 8, there were some reviews exploring its gaming performance , and showed slight loss of only 1% in the new system, a result that was attributed to the drivers immature.

From Tom’s hardware review comes a new similar, this time with the final version of Windows 8, and drivers from and latest (GeForce 306.97 and Catalyst 12.11), tested video cards Nvidia GTX 660 and AMD Radeon HD 7850, and comparing the results with those obtained in the same test equipment under Windows 7.

Without further ado, here are some of their test:

Windows 8 vs Windows 7: Gaming Performance image 2

Results in percentage, where 100% was assigned to the results of Windows 7

This time WDDM 1.2 plus drivers from Nvidia and AMD ripe for Windows 8, get almost eliminate performance differences between and Windows 8, making a virtual tie with their counterparts for Windows 7 (WDDM 1.1), which is a good sign.

Although performance is not the only factor that concerns us, because although the latter test shows both OS tied, the game include Sleeping Dogs loaded with various graphical errors and missing objects under WDDM 1.2 drivers both companies, a situation that could repeated in other titles untested, but do not doubt that these errors will be remedied with future drivers and patches for that might present similar errors.

Link: Windows 8 Versus Windows 7: Game Performance, Benchmarked (Tom’s Hardware)

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