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Posted by on Nov 27, 2012 in Hardware News |

Windows 8 will be the platform of choice for hackers in 2013

Windows 8 will be the platform of choice for hackers in 2013

Microsoft, Apple and Google would do well to implement better security measures for the short and medium term, since according to a report by the firm Websense, the platforms of those brands will be the main targets of around the year 2013.

Strictly speaking, the hacker community will put their eyes on iOS, and Windows 8. The report indicates that, despite the closed nature of iOS, gradually operating system is having greater insight into “professional environments”, so IT managers should know that vulnerabilities are there, even when their risk “not is significant. “

The case is the absolute opposite of Android. Being an open platform, some attack techniques commonly associated with systems “desktop” redirected start Google’s mobile platform, and this will also influence the company’s strategy to reduce the fragmentation of the operating system.

Finally, predictions from to have to do with their efforts to make it more user-friendly for developers. “If they fulfill their promise, the rate of growth of Microsoft in mobile platforms will be the highest”, and that will lead inevitably to discover and exploit vulnerabilities that appear on the road.

The report indicates that have a behavior similar to application developers: focus on platforms that allow more benefits. And the attacks continue to use some social engineering to entice users and that these fall in some Twister, so that new users of Windows in general (many will jump from Windows 7) will have to be careful.

Link: Report: Windows 8 Will Become Top Hacking Target in 2013 (Tom’s Hardware)

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