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Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Software |

Windows 8 will not skip the direct interface to enter the Metro desk

Windows 8 will not skip the direct interface to enter the Metro desk

Some had the secret hope that the next Window 8 allowed to start the system directly on your desktop, without having to go through the artist previously known as Metro and that has not renamed. Well, that’s not possible, as reported by several who have tried the RTM version of the operating system, leaked to the web a few days ago .

That is, the official entrance will be at the Metro application interface, and if you want to get to the desktop will have to open it from there as a given application. In the beta versions of 8, there was a way to bypass this menu to access apps directly to the desktop.

Although the new interface is the star of the operating system, a group of users is not convinced and would prefer to continue using Windows on how they have done so far. Within this group, including many companies that will train your staff and adapt their systems to use Windows 8, if they are changed.

Despite this, has taken several steps to reduce the desktop as possible, first by removing the button and start menu , and then this. Some speculate that even in 10 years the desktop would disappear .

Link: Microsoft said to block Ability to boot straight to desktop in Windows 8 (ZDNET)

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