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Posted by on Aug 25, 2012 in Hardware News |

Windows 95 turns 17 years

Windows 95 turns 17

This day 17 years ago (24 August 1995) and the pace of the catchy song “Start Me Up” Rolling Stones was released operating system Windows 95 , remembered as the one that opened the hitherto practically indispensable Start menu and user interface that set the tone for next versions.

meant many important changes in his time, bringing massively to support 32-bit applications for the consumer, integrated support for APIs intended to standardize multimedia (DirectX), integrated web browser (Internet Explorer 3), and a new user interface which was a big change and gained rapid acceptance from users and criticism.

This new user interface it replaced the old program manager present in earlier versions of Windows, and endowed the system down a start button, a taskbar and a system tray (systray), ornaments interface that were supplemented with bar application launch, which came later along with the then new Internet Explorer 4.0.

Windows 95 turns 17 image 2

Windows 95 turns 17 image 3

The graphical user interface of Windows 95 remained virtually unchanged to this day, being virtually the only notable change, the merger between the taskbar and the application launch bar introduced with Windows Vista.

This year Microsoft will release (on October 26) its new operating system Windows 8 (discussed a few days ago: Parts 1 and 2 ), which first introduced significant changes in the user interface, which is still too early to know also received will.

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