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Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Hardware News |

Windows Installer is filtered 8 Release Preview

Windows Installer is filtered 8 Release Preview

We are currently in public beta phase and Consumer Preview 8, pending the release of the Preview Release, ie, the operating system almost ready for mass distribution worldwide.

And although this version still does not see light as filtered to install on any computer if the user gets access to the file. Of course, not going to tell you where to download it because it is illegal, I think, but we know the name of the image is


MD5: F3AC28467258EC9F0ECEAF9690A0F06E

SHA1: C21B69413E08FCFB756EEDB2B99D0C0472486D1C

CRC32: 67F85067

According to all sources that would be the 64-bit Release Preview official and original, no doubt, however, the problem is that is only available in Chinese, while waiting for a second in a language “understandable” as the english.

This indicates that already has in front of the oven its new operating system and probably very soon see the official launch of the Preview Release, and the company also promised for the first week of June, so attentive.

Link: Chinese Windows 8 Preview Release (build 8400) leaked (Neowin)

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