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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Software |

Windows XP is still present in one third of the worldwide PCs

Windows XP is still present in one third of the worldwide PCs

It has just been officially released 8, opening a new market for between niche hard to tablets and ticil screen devices, thanks to the UI. But one of the pitfalls that have to circumvent the new operating system is still strong presence of Windows XP, one of his most successful predecessors and that according to latest data released by StatCounter, for the twelve months from September 2011 to the same period of 2012, still going strong in the industry.

Because the market share of Windows XP reaches 33.53%, surpassed only by Windows 7 and 46.04%, leaving far behind other operating systems like Apple’s OS X or Windows Vista. Analysts say Windows XP continues to enjoy great popularity thanks to the active support that Microsoft still gives the platform, it works fast and easily to meet the needs of a customer segment that is resistant to change: the area.

It is precisely this point which should lead, at least, uncertainty within Microsoft, as to be so focused on general consumer home and mobile devices, would find no reason to stop using Windows XP. At most, an update might have been convenient for those who have already moved to Windows 7, perhaps positioning the system as the new Windows XP and Windows 8 leaving in a separate segment of the population, which itself will be Modern useful UI touch interface.

Link: Are Businesses still reluctant to remove Windows XP? (Neowin)

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