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Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Companies |

With a six weeks from scratch, will open “new”

Once valued at millions of dollars, the service was acquired by Betaworks $500,000 in just a few days ago, indicating the decline of the platform and its obvious loss of popularity. Against this, a restructuring seemed obvious, however, we did not know so far is that working with starting absolutely from scratch.

This means that rather than a restructuring, it is a fresh start, dated August 1 Digg goal to release version 1.0 (v1), according to people in charge at a website called (rethink Digg ), clarifying that the idea is to re-convert the mark in a venture at an early stage, so they are also asking for help from people to work with your opinion on this reformulation.

What are people searching for Betaworks is to harness the power of the portal to serve as a barometer of what is happening on the Internet, getting rid of old infrastructure as it was too expensive to maintain, which also gave them little room to innovate. Thus, in the middle of June they decided they would do it all again, establishing a period of six weeks to complete the project and premiere on August 1, the date at which we will be alert to see the result of this hasty work.

Link: The new Digg to relaunch in August after full rebuild (CNET)

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