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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Software |

With limited capacity begins beta Steam for Linux

With limited capacity begins beta Steam for Linux

Caused great excitement among users of based operating systems the arrival of the gaming platform, it will fall further in the first instance with the title Left 4 Dead 2, which means the Source graphics engine support in Linux, opening doors to other games like Half Life or Counter Strike reach this system in the near future.

Valve, Steam and creative company Source, promised a first beta version for testing or October , and now the end of this month, was fulfilled what was said, by providing a page where the user interested in joining the Beta must complete a survey, detailing the experience you have using Linux and delivered data on the platform where they would Steam.

The idea of this is to provide selection of persons to be chosen for the beta, having only a thousand seats available and surely, seeking only to professionals in the field of gaming and Linux, so that they are effective in thousand finding and reporting bugs, before Steam for Linux officially out to the general public.

Link: Valve Steam opens beta registration for Linux, only wants pros (via Engadget)

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