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Posted by on Jun 17, 2013 in Hardware News |

With MODERN.IE test quickly and easily the compatibility of your website

With MODERN.IE test quickly and easily the compatibility of your website

Got a new site and want to try their compatibility with other browsers? Internet Explorer thought about your needs and created a new set of tools to address this issue in no time: This is MODERN.IE , which aims to detect common coding procedures that cause compatibility issues on websites.

To use it, simply enter and enter the URL of your website. Just like that you can identify compatibility issues with your site ancient and modern versions of Internet Explorer.

With it you can easily find any compatibility issues, methods and analyzes your frameworks and libraries, in addition to recognition according to current web standards like HTML5 and CSS3.

In addition we provide recommendations for your website to work properly in different browsers and devices, allowing browsers evaluate supplements you use, know if your design is adapted different devices and screens, both on PC and mobile.

MODERN.IE also provides suggestions to optimize the user experience according to the features of Windows 8, analyzing the behavior of your website in Internet Explorer 10 and recommending the best way to make the icon of the site on the screen of Windows 8.

While there is a complete checklist for the current web coding, its value is that it is a starting point that allows you to invest more time in creating what really matters on the web, allowing you to download reports PDF format so you can share them via email and social networks, giving you access to make inquiries forum MSDN and stackoverflow.

Deliver the best experience for visitors to your web using this innovative tool.