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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Internet | begin accepting payments in Bitcoin begin accepting payments in Bitcoin

(CC) Adam Crowe

The personal blogging platform , the hosting service that manages the company Automattic , began expanding their payment for upgrades (for example, not including advertising or have a special design) where now begin receiving Bitcoin, digital currency deregulated and decentralized.

The company explained its decision by arguing that currently payments through PayPal are locked in over 60 countries, while many credit cards have similar restrictions for political reasons, by a high rate of fraud, or financial reasons.

Because we wanted to increase the payment methods, chose digital currency because its use is impossible to block by the authorities of any country. While on the problem that payments do not allow refunds, says anyway continue their refund policy, working with BitPay to refund money to dissatisfied users.

Link: starts taking payment in Bitcoin (The Verge)

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