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Posted by on Nov 9, 2012 in Gadgets |

Would not be much need an Internet connection to set a mouse?

Would not be much need an Internet connection to set a mouse?

(C) Razer

The for gamers Razer Naga 2012 is unlike any other mouse on the market: It costs $79.99, has 17 configurable buttons, 5600 dpi, and the ability to store your settings and macros Razer’s servers so you can use it as programaste it from any computer anywhere.

However, this last feature caused much controversy in the United States, who bought the mouse because they realized that to configure first Naga necessarily required an Internet connection, and as Razer servers were downed during Hurricane Sandy , customers ended with a standard mouse and could not set that cost a considerable sum of money.

The absurdity of the situation caused Internet is filled with doubt about what needs to keep information about their users, where the company even accused of wanting to obtain confidential information, or data mining carry too far. The company had to clarify that only the mouse settings synchronized to the customer’s account in the without saving other extra information.

Because of this, Razer began working to create an offline mode that allows peripheral set without having to log on, and so provide an answer to those pesky users who absolutely do not want all your devices to work in the cloud if this creates problems when no Internet connection available. Seriously, how far will arrive with all connectivity to the cloud?

Link: A Mouse Should not Need an Internet Connection to Work Properly (Updated, It Does not) (Gizmodo)

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