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Posted by on Dec 24, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Would you be willing to pay for your social networks?

Would you be willing to pay for your social networks?

With all the controversy that arose by the terms of service and conditions of use Instagram, began to emerge strong opinions encountered in that regard, from those who tried to crucify (as if that were possible) to those who ganged up to these considering people who do not know of what they speak.

The truth is that, as you Americans say “You get what you pay for” or Spanish “have the service you paid for.”

The social networking services are important in the free world: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, it is, none will charge a penny for posting your comments, do not ask for money to store your photos, there is no system collection to allow live with other people. And if so why should we bother to sell our photos or comments? If they are giving us a platform that we do not pay what we complain?

At the end of the day each social network is a business and many people have to charge every 15 days for their work as well as you and me. You pay salaries, servers, electricity, water, rent an office, internet, computer equipment, etc.. All this costs a lot of money and so far, no one has invented a tree instead of blocks of tickets at $ 100.

Efectivamnte But, you’re right, your photos are yours, you took you, these are your friends or your family, you saved to go to the beach or countryside, to buy your camera or smartphone, it is only fair that if they want to use what is yours, get paid, right?

In fact if that’s the right to some extent, the problem is that 99.9% of people do not read the terms of the contract that agrees to use the services and by far they have the right, at the end are giving someone property the more so that this advantage as it suits you, as I said, need to do a free service a profitable business.

Excuses are many: “If you want to make money selling advertising”, “being charged to the companies they have a lot of money”, “No one asked them to do their social network and I do not use both” and I can go with a longer list long but of no use, the facts are, and accept a contract if we want respect, not to use their social networks.

Now, I live if pegunto Could be aware of the lives of their friends on Facebook? Could you go a week without trolling to your contacts on Twitter? Do you feel the same without being able to take pictures of food and then upload them to Instagram? Would you be willing to pay monthly fees for using these services?

Just imagine for a moment this scenario: full access (all functions you use and know) for only USD $ 24.99 per month, the “lite” version without the chat, without the share button and without access to games USD $ 9.99.

for only $ 14.99 per month and this remove all advertising, personalized customer service 24 hours a day (that of “broke into my mind”), tweets unlimited, direct messages, unlimited storage of all your tweets . The free account only allows 50 daily tweets, direct messages and 25 do not have any support.

Could put more examples but I think this is clear enough.

I know some will say that this is not possible, instantly firms lose millions of users, the overnight the value of each of them would collapse and would leave investors fleeing, terrified before losing more money .

Again, they are right. Not that tomorrow we are going to block access, but if they will start to find ways to squeeze you money, you, loyal user, in any way possible. Give some thought to the example of Xbox Live and Playstation Plus. Microsoft will charge for online play and their service has no added value beyond the stability of its network, on the other hand, the Sony network has not the same quality but instead of charging for online play, you sells a service where games gift you (while you are subscriber), gives you access to betas, gives you discounts on games, gives you avatars, themes, etc..

This idea Sony has really helped to attract new customers and is that even though the games they offer are not the best, the newest and the most entertaining, competition, Microsoft, do not give away anything.

Now, visualize a Twitter Plus, a Facebook or Instagram Plus Plus. Paid and access virtually unlimited photo storage, free games for Facebook, Twitter chat again, no, a thousand new functions to which they can make money but, with certainty that 1) Everything is in your mind will always be yours and 2) will have support when you need it.

The reality is that these companies can no longer live for investors and good wishes, the global economy is not expecting to walk the right time to start monetizing, particularly the United States that are on the brink tax. Sooner or later, someone will come up with an idea to get us money.

If tomorrow Instagram or any other company threatens to sell our bad jokes or pictures of our food, there is not much we can do more to put up or stop using the service, we do not pay anything at the end, however, even if we paid half a dollar , would have the right to fight for our rights as they say “He who pays, boss.”

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