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Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in Social Networks |

Would you pay to use Twitter? bet yes

Would you pay to use Twitter? bet yes

A service called just got enough money to create a microblogging social network payment, such as Twitter, but without advertising. The project had the goal of collecting $500,000 from people who paid $50, $100 and $1,000, and 38 hours before the completion of the term, they had the money.

At least in the collection of money shows that some are indeed willing to pay. According to data provided by Dalton Caldwell, founder of the project, 7,448 people gave $50, earning with it a membership service, 2,010 paid $100 for developer access and to build on the platform, and 59 volunteers delivered USD $1,000 to become users “pro”, which will have telephone support and a personal meeting with Caldwell.

The idea of a payment and without when the company began microblogging began to limit third-party applications , blocking access to the API to several sites .

“We believe that advertising-based social services in conflict and inextricably consistent with the interests of users and developers, that something must be done,” says Caldwell. Thus, charged to users and will not be free, as much of the services we are accustomed to seeing on the internet.

According to Caldwell argues, the developers are on shaky ground when they create things for platforms that already exist , because if this owners decide they do not like what the developer, or if you are creating something that competes, then you can lock or closed.

According to the creator of, if users and developers pay for using the service, then the platform operator has no incentive to ruin the experience of either.

Will this project successful? For now, you have to solve a problem of all paid services: of course it costs more users get fast, because you have to give money. Also new, what you can do several hesitant to give tickets to something you can die. However, the success it has had so far could be a sign that there is discontent with the free services out there, and they sell our information without remorse to advertise and make money with it.

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