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Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Economy, Social Networks |

Wozniak said that Zuckerberg is the perfect blend between him and Jobs

Just days out of the bag of Facebook, co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, spent a couple of words of this social network creator, Mark Zuckerberg. According to Woz, every time I see you think is the “perfect mix” between himself and the late Steve Jobs, so that in a few years could easily become a great CEO of the technology sector.

Zuckerberg described the engineer as a “sharp businessman” to the agency Bloomberg , who has technical skills – as Woz – and corporate intelligence Jobs.

Wozniak added that “when he speaks, speaks with a lot of ideas for the users and the product in general. It is very admirable. “ He added that plans to invest in the shares of Facebook when it goes on the bag, no matter the price.

Thus, if we begin to make a comparison between Jobs and Wozniak Zuckerberg, it is interesting to note the preference for wearing casual Zuck like Jobs did for much of its mandate in the direction of Apple’s signature as well Wozniak of shyness could also cross with the character of the young man from Harvard.

In addition, Wozniak who describes himself as a shy person, said that to develop their business had to ally itself with Jobs to enhance their ideas, and that between the experience in electronics sales and the latter more talent for programming and develop applications, the company became the apple as it is today. This is different from the great strength and Zuckerberg has helped him move forward with only his social network project.

Facebook seeks to achieve this Thursday about U.S. $ 11,800 million in the IPO. Thus, the company offers 337.4 million shares to the public at a starting price of between $ 28 and $ 35, which reached a market value exceeding U.S. $ 96,000 million.

Link: Woz: Zuck = I + Jobs (CNet)

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