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Posted by on Jul 4, 2012 in Companies |

WTF? Verizon ensures that net neutrality violates the right to free speech

WTF? Verizon ensures that net neutrality violates the right to free speech

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Yes, you read that right, not the title is misspelled or is not a oxymoron , is what the operator argues, demanding new measures implemented to control and advanced telecommunication operators in the United States.

The new regulations implemented by the Federal Commission (FCC) of the United States concerning the neutrality of communications networks and to avoid discrimination on the content, origin or destination of information transmitted, would be for the company Verizon, a clear violation of freedom of speech and a violation of the right to free speech that invoked the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and defend property Rights that the Fifth Amendment.

Is this really happening?

Verizon believes that this regulation “violates the constitutional rights of the owners of communications networks,” and that, if the regulation prosper and Congress to pass legislation taking shape in order to maintain net neutrality, this action would be unconstitutional.

Try to think as he does Verizon to understand this dilemma and the chicken egg. According to the operator, his defense is based on your role and responsibility in the transport of information is equivalent to an editor of a media that controls, audits and decide which is published and not published.

Verizon argues that as owners of cables and platforms through which information travels, have the same right as an editor to control and of course, prioritize content of its trading partners over the rest of the communications.

Regarding the argument to invoke the Fifth Amendment, the company indicates that the new FCC rules would be an obligation on the owner of the networks to give up the use of “private property” without compensation to third parties. But I wonder … are not charging for the use and its customers and partners or do it for free?

Apparently, this claim has its origin a little older than the and to the same network in the U.S., where corporations have always tried to be seen in the eyes of the law with the same rights as individuals, so that they could benefit from practices that would be protected by constitutional rights even though they are far from honest.

The truth is that any kind of confirmation by the FCC of the new regulation for operators and the subsequent reaction of companies like Verizon would imply a ridiculous double payment of fees for the service and what is transmitted, and even a climbing charge for any ridiculousness that is considered “used” or “exploited” to perform another action, such as wanting to charge for the company to pass a wire through the door of my house or compensate me for breaking the tiles of my street, what to think of it not be a bad idea, but just as ridiculous as that of Verizon.

Link: Verizon: net neutrality our free speech rights Violates (ArsTechnica)

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