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Posted by on Jun 11, 2012 in Software |

WWDC 2012: Apple introduces its new operating system OS X

WWDC 2012: Apple introduces its new operating system OS X

As far as we’re seeing in the 2012 WWDC event Apple we’re following in real time , is now introduced the new Apple operating system and its most important characteristics of which we highlight the integration with Mac icloud and its ability to synchronize the changes we make in any of our Apple products.

Moreover, we also found a notification center through which we can see the ads at the top of the screen. This system brings together in one part of all notices, warnings and alerts of programs and applications of our MacBook.

Another new feature of this operating system is Dictator, who can now dictate what we want, even things we want to publish to Facebook, the system will understand and update our state. On the other hand, is only available for English.

Safari, Apple’s browser is much faster now thanks to JavaScript. Alongside this, the address bar search process that we enter into it. Also now have a unified bar, which Chrome in question. As if this were not enough, we can synchronize the tabs from IOS and vice versa, as well as update Twitter from the browser, without installing additional applications or extensions.

We also have Tab View that lets you use gestures to navigate visually in the tabs that we have opened, as well as move between these using simple gestures. So if we zoom out we see all open tabs. And “to pinch” the screen will show all tabs, the style of the iPhone.

PowerNap or nap powerful, allows your Mac to be updated even when in sleep mode, thus, despite this “sleeping” will be updated anyway. Quietly and almost without anyone noticing upgrade the operating system while increasing the support of our information. It is also consistent with the second generation of MacBooks Air and Pro last

Mirroring AirPlay as in IOS will show the contents of your screen on the Apple TV, ideal for when you’re projecting in a classroom, for example. This one works only on second-generation MacBook Air and new MBP.


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