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Posted by on Jun 11, 2012 in Economy |

WWDC 2012 disappointed investors and AAPL stock price fall

WWDC 2012 disappointed investors and AAPL stock price fall

Since June 11, Apple made the event WWDC 2012 , where he presented the latest developments of the company around software and hardware, specifically with new MacBook Pro and Mac OS X and iPhone OS renewed.

However, despite the efforts of the company by surprise the world, investors looked askance at the launch of these products, and during the hours after the event the price of the shares of (AAPL) fell sharply, overturning all expectations that formed previously.

For between 6 and 8 June, the value ranged from USD $ 567 and $ 575, shooting up to USD $ 588 on June 11 before 2012. However, once the presentation, in a few hours returned AAPL to $ 571, a figure that is within what is normal for the company.

This means that while previously had high hopes that Apple surprised the world with their ads, investors felt that this did not happen and hence the inflated value that was given to Actions in the hours before the is deflated.

Link: Interactive Stock Chart – Apple Inc. (AAPL) (NASDAQ)

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