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Yahoo and Facebook closed a deal and no longer sue for patent

Yahoo and Facebook closed a deal and no longer sue for patent

Yahoo and closed a strategic to close a period of claims and counterclaims , which expands a relationship together for the sale of advertising and cross-licensing of certain for both companies can use them.

The agreement does not contemplate the payment of money by the use of patents and revenue is expected to come on the side of advertising and other potential deals that could be beneficial. Facebook, though, could pay in the future to use other extra patents were not included in the agreement.

Talks to reach an agreement between the two companies began almost immediately after the departure of former CEO Scott Thompson , who originally started the lawsuit hoping that Facebook will pay millions of dollars in compensation (and that was in the midst of scandal for having lied on your resume ).

Several executives disagreed with the measure, so that when Thompson was quickly initiated talks to reach an agreement and leave the court, in a fight that could have been costly and long.

Remains to be seen how they go together.

Link: Exclusive Report That Yahoo and Facebook strike peace deal patent (AllThingsD)

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