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Posted by on Oct 27, 2012 in Internet, Software |

Yahoo announces it will not respect the “Do not track” that comes by default in Internet Explorer 10

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has decided to add the option of “no trace” in Internet Explorer 10, in line with what other browsers are doing currently. However, the most controversial (to some), is that in the tenth version of the this feature is enabled by default, which is not at all happy to several companies.

One such company is Yahoo, who publicly expressed his opposition to the measure. So much so that they jump Olympian announced that Internet Explorer that option, because it does not represent the true feelings of the users:

“Recently, Microsoft decided unilaterally activate ‘No trace’ by default in Internet Explorer 10. In our opinion, this degrades the experience of most users, and makes it difficult to deliver them our proposal. Basically, ‘No trace “in IE10 is not the intention of users.”

In Yahoo never tire of repeating that “yes we are in favor” of this browser privacy feature, but the problem I have in the way it is enabled (by default and without prompt users). For this reason, they decided not to respect the option in any of the sites owned.

The issue does not go unnoticed, primarily because although in Yahoo seem to side with the user, it actually is not also seek to upset those who pay for advertising on the sites. And for that, the option to track the use that users give the network is vital.

Link: Yahoo Dings “Do Not Track” Default (AllThingsD)

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