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Posted by on Jun 20, 2013 in Internet |

Yahoo closes the acquisition of Tumblr

Yahoo closes the acquisition of Tumblr

(Cc) Scott Beale / Flickr

A month after announcing the of for USD $ 1,100 million (mostly money), confirmed today that the acquisition closed. As I had mentioned Marissa Meyer, Tumblr operate independently as a product, service and maintaining brand as CEO David Karp.

Tumblr will take advantage of the personalization technology Yahoo and search infrastructure. Yahoo expects the Tumblr audience increases by 50% to exceed one billion daily visits and traffic grow by about 20%.

As expected, advertising will play an important role in the new stage of Tumblr, in fact the first step came a few weeks ago integrating some paid posts or entries in the portal dashboard.

Advertising will be shown taking into account the interests of users. While this may upset some, it is a fact that Yahoo will try to get every penny invested. The Yahoo Finance chief said last month it will be until 2014 when Tumblr contribute materially in the company’s revenue.

Link: Yahoo! Completes Acquisition of Tumblr (via The Next Web )

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