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Posted by on Jun 21, 2012 in Entertainment |

Yahoo! will launch two series of animated comics

Yahoo! will launch two series of animated comics

The well-known portal announced a partnership with Liquid to distribute two comics animated series exclusively through its service Yahoo! Screen. Liquid specializes in creating graphic novels and the first two projects coming this summer in the United States.

The first comic will vs. Dinosaurs. Aliens created by Barry Sonnenfeld (director of the Men in Black trilogy) and written by Grant Morrison. This story tells the world war between dinosaurs and aliens that was never recorded in history books. Everything happens in prehistory when a group of aliens try to invade but the dinosaurs, more inteligetes humans, defend the planet.

The second comic called Gamekeeper Guy Ritchie (director of Sherlock Holmes) is in fact a continuation of a previous series created by and written by Andy Liquid Diggle. Gamekeeper is a spy story which narrates the struggle of man against the wild side of nature. Brock, the hero of this story, seeks revenge against mercenaries who destroy the remainder of his life.

No doubt Sonnenfeld and Ritchie are synonymous with quality and personally, and I begin to enjoy these stories, I wish to be available simultaneously in Latin America.

Link: Yahoo!, Liquid Comics to Launch a Series of Digital Motion Comics (Market Watch)

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