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Posted by on Jul 1, 2013 in Social Networks |

Yammer announces integration with Klout

Yammer announces integration with Klout

Yammer, the enterprise social network from Microsoft, is announcing an expansion of its user experience and that means integrating other services, also oriented enterprise networks. One such service is Klout, the social reputation meter of an individual in the network, which will now show their scores within Yammer.

This society explained in two ways from the official blog of Yammer. Now the social network users may publish scores in your profile, which should be particularly interesting for people who want to brag about influential. And in the same way, all this integrated operation means that Klout can now show specific scores, depending on the activities and reputation of users within the social network of a company.

Brand new Yammer are framed in promises some time ago, that point to the renewal of some of its services products among which includes the popular-in business, social network, which is used by almost all of the Fortune 500 companies.

In November, Microsoft will open a program for developers who deliver lectures, seminars, and training in general in order to create a select group of Certified Developers for Yammer.

Link: Yammer Expands Platform Integrations, Including Klout (Yammer Official Blog)

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