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Posted by on Sep 28, 2012 in Entertainment |

YouFest 2012: YouTube Stars take Madrid this weekend

YouFest 2012: YouTube Stars take Madrid this weekend

Wendy Sulca, of the East and the Tigress act this weekend in Madrid. Quiet is September 28, not December, so I’m not playing a joke by the April Fools: The includes them in its lineup, along with other artists who have become famous thanks to as’ The Ogra that accomplishes all ‘.

There are two scenarios where it presented the artists who come to YouFest 2012: Slaughterhouse and Sala Riviera. In the event’s website you can see which artists are presented in each, and the days and times of the presentations.

Tickets for the festival range 20 to 40 euros, as you buy for one day or another, and there is also a credit to all Festival concerts for 75 euros … we’re going, we’re not talking about any amount, you are faces!

Anyway, your audience will, surely, because if something can not deny is that these characters have their appeal, at least for users of YouTube, as we see in the following video of the Tigress, Wendy and Dolphin has thousands of reproductions :

“The All-Ogra Achieves” is no exception: Videos of Spanish achieved million views on YouTube, and “I erase the Feisbuh” is a good example:

Would you pay to go to YouFest? Sure there who seems like a good way to spend the weekend with friends and family … Is your case?

Link: YouFest 2012

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