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Posted by on Jul 11, 2013 in Internet |

YouSendIt is renamed and is now Hightail

YouSendIt is renamed and is now Hightail

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of YouSendIt, announced through the official website of the company that the previous name does not go. Now, becomes Hightail.

The reasons for this change are many, but one that is mentioned is that the former name restricts the true intentions and goals of the service, which goes beyond just sending files over the network. “Hightail is a new identity that represents the current state of our services, in addition to all that aspire to be,” says Garlinghouse.

Another objective of the new name was different from the competition. Mike Trigg, marketing chief, says that there are many services with “cloud”, “sync” or “drive” in the title, the idea was out of the ordinary and so attract attention. Also, since it is not just to send files, but “share everything that people are interested.”

What has not yet been completely renovated Hightail official site, and that when browsing some of your options still shows the old wrapper YouSendIt. Anyway, one of the pioneers of just changed skin, and its owners hope will be the beginning of an adventure that is to “truly transform” something as simple as uploading files to the network and send the link someone else. Time will tell.

Link: Say Hi to Hightail (Hightail)

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