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Posted by on Jul 18, 2012 in Internet |

Youth dies after marathon 40 hours followed by Diablo III

Youth dies after marathon 40 hours followed by Diablo III

(CC) shinyai

A young Taiwanese 18 years was found dead on July 15 after renting a room in an Internet in Tainan, southern Taiwan, and play Diablo III in a marathon 40 hours continuous non-stop.

The victim was identified only by his surname, Chang, and as employees of the cafe the young did not eat for two days kept playing. When they went to wake him up after falling asleep on the table of the computer, the young man stood up, walked a few steps and then collapsed, then died a few minutes of being admitted to a nearby hospital.

Authorities believe his death was due to cardiovascular problems result from sitting two days without stopping. This is the second death so far this year in Taiwan because people who play for hours on end, whose previous case was that of a young man who died after playing World of Warcraft 23 hours and remained sitting in the cafe about 9 hours before anyone noticed that he had died.

Link: Lad, 18, dies after 40-hour gaming marathon (The Sun)

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